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MY: A new blog-project thing

 I feel like it is high time that people get to know me, quirky-fantastical, a little bit more.  Lately I have been occupying my time with creating gif sets, doing TV show reviews, and reblogging. But now, I’m going to start writing again. So far, you guys know all about the things I like and don’t like, but you don’t know about me in general. By show of hands, how many of you know that I am a skinny, dorky, caucasian teenager who lives in Honolulu? The only hands that should be up are the ones that belong to the people that know me in real life. 

   My solution for fixing this is simple. I have decided to start a new blog-project thing called MY. This seems confusing, but just stick with me because it gets better. To put it in simpler terms, MY is going to consist of my personal life experiences along with a few friends’ experiences. For example, one post I may write could be titled MY: Stupidity Amazes Me, and it would chronicle all the asinine things that I have done in my life. Or only some of them so the post isn’t too long.

   This idea has been swimming in my mind for around a week now, so I figured it wouldn’t be a half-bad idea. Don’t worry, I’m not going to stop doing gif sets and TV reviews and reblogs. I’m just going to add this in to the mix of things. So, here’s hoping this works out for the best.




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